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The Funny Baby Magic Show is Singapore’s most prominent children magic show, and is highly recommended by parents, children and online forums. This show also comes highly recommended by fellow magicians.

The show is built on 17 years of experience and more than 6,000 tested and proven experiences. The Funny Baby Magic Show has had countless positive reviews from parents, and had been featured on TV, newspapers, and magazines!

The man behind the show, Aaron Leong, has also been a consultant for several professional children entertainers and businesses

Who has watched and engaged Funny Baby Magic Show?

The Funny Baby Magic show has been performed over 6,000 times, and loved by hundreds of thousands! Some examples include:

Funny Baby had performed for one of Singapore’s most famous magicians, Priscilla Khong (Magic of Lawrence and Priscilla) for her child's party, and has also been invited to perform at the birthday parties of many other magicians’ children. Funny Baby is the magicians’ choice!

Luxury Hotels
Funny Baby is regularly invited to perform at hotels such as The Ritz - Carlton, The Fullerton Hotel, Shangri-La Hotels and many other of Singapore’s premiere hotels. The Funny Baby Magic Show has wowed many of the hotels’ guests at parties and annual Christmas or New Year’s bashes, and Funny Baby is consistently invited to come back the next year!

Funny Baby has made many appearance at corporate and staff events for companies like F&N Coca-Cola, Bloomberg, Bread Talk, Singtel, Daimler, FairPrice, Genting International, Bulgari, and the list goes on...

Embassies / Clubs / Schools
Funny Baby has also performed at many educational, private or diplomatic institutions, such as the Embassy of Sweden, Belgian Luxembourg Association, Swiss Club, Hollandse School, Porsche Club, The Tanglin Club and many more...

What's so special about the show?

Funny Baby understands the behavior and psychology of children, and builds the show specially for them. He has an amazing rapport with kids, and is like a magnet that draws the children to him. The children just love him! The Funny Baby Magic Show is not the usual “sit down, applaud and passively watch” type of show. Children love interaction, excitement, energy and fun, and they will love the Funny Baby Magic Show!

The duration of the show is 30mins with magic, balloon sculpting and a ventriloquist puppet act. The comedy  in the show is appropriate for all ages and there are no dangerous stunts! It’s perfect for children and family entertainment, and children and adults alike will be thoroughly entertained.

Family & Children Friendly Show

NO Dangerous Stunts
There's no sword swallowing, knife through hands, fire eating etc. Children see, children do…

NO Playing Cards
No card tricks and displaying of playing cards.

NO Confetti NO Mess
I will leave your place the same as when I arrived.

NO Animals
First, the rabbit or dove is going to be squeezed in the box before they appear and I am an animal lover. Second, if having animals in the show is so important, why pay this much when you can visit the zoo cheaper? Third, some guests might have animal allergies. And the list goes on and on.

I respect and love the kids like my own. I don't insult them to bring laughter!


Performance Fees

Funny Baby Magic Show is $400/- (Singapore Currency) for public and commercial entertainment.
Birthday Party Packages for family party click here

Please email or ring me for reseller, event company, agent, charity organisation and community events price.
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