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Below are questions ask frequently over the phone. Feel free to email / text / call us for more information.

What age group are suitable for your show?

From 4 years old to 9 years old is best for the show and i have did hundreds of 3 years old party too. For older kids (10years old and above), you may want to have a magic workshop.




What is the duration of each segment?

Each segment is in 30mins block, Mr Funny Baby Magic Show (30mins), Party Games (30mins) and Balloon Sculpting (30mins)

When should i book your programme?

As soon as possible and this is not because of 'marketing strategy". I am only available when i am available. You may book me on the day itself and i will still take it IF i am available. Availability is base upon receiving back the booking form. As a guideline - One month in advance is usually good and a lot more will book 2 weeks in advance.


If i invite my guest at 12pm, what time should we have your programme?

An hour after invitation time is always my recommendation. So we have enough time for later comers as well as time for the children to get warm up at a new place. Guests still arriving during the show is very distracting, children get really excited when they see guests coming, they will run to the doorstep every time someone comes in and especially the birthday child gets the most distraction when adults and children keep coming in with presents.


How do i pay? Do you need deposit?

There is no need for deposit, we only need your booking form back for confirmation. Payment on the day itself after the programme with cash or cheque made to "JellyFish Group" All fees are final, we are not GST registered and there is nothing extra to add on...


Is your fees negotiable?

I am sure you have ever buy a thing with your friend's recommendation and realizing both have paid a different price from the same shop and product. I personally hated it, i am sure you are too. 80% of my clients are recommended, repeated or seen my show at a party. My fees are professional and honest. Everything quoted will be final. 

How many children to invite?

Typically around 20 to 30 children. i have been to parties with only 3 kids as well as 100 kids at a birthday party.


Who to invite for my child's party?

Will you enjoy yourselves at a party more with your best friends or strangers? Invite your child's classmate and buddies will not go wrong. They will feel more comfortable to enjoy themselves.



How much space do you require for the party?

Area enough for all the children to sit on the floor comfortably and i a little space for me to stand in front of them, just like in a pre-school classroom. I have never come across a space not big enough yet, even a small bedroom is fine.


Is there any places you don't perform at?

I travel to all places to perform but please let me know your party venue if it is 'unusual' such as beach, zoo or in the middle of a park. Basically places that needs to take a long walk to reach after parking my car.

Should we have food first or after?

It depends on your culture and practice, there's no wrong or right ways. I am fortunate to work with many parents from around the world and everyone is a little different. Chinese: food is aways ready to eat upon arriving, Western: Usually eat after the programme and lastly cake cutting. Indian: Cake cutting means start of the party, have to wait for everyone to arrive before cake cutting and follow by food and performance. 


What time will you arrive?

Usually i arrive 15mins before showtime but i hide in my car until the last minute and turn up at the party 5mins earlier. I do not need set up time at all. The moment i arrive at the doorstep, all the children should be ready, crowd around me and start immediately. Why i don't arrive earlier and hang out with the kids first? i would not go into details about the psychology behind but in short, the show will be better than i come in and hang out with the kids before hand.


How many people will be coming with Funny Baby?

Just me myself, I don't see the need to ask you pay more for another guy to just carry my stuff for me. What is that extra guy going to do anyway? He's not performing, he does not know what to do, why do i need him?



Do you provide Birthday songs?

No but i will lead and sing the song together with everyone. i never like the idea of having the song playing at background. If you have tried that before, i am sure you understand why. We only sing the song once or multiple times in different languages but the song downloaded or CD are usually singing it 3-5 times again and again. Making everyone confuse and don't know what to do. It stated of making it sounds better, it brings embarrassment.


Do you bring along a sound system?

Yes and is for the show only and sometimes i do not use it if the crowd is small. If you like to have music before and after my programme, you will need to bring your own radio or home system and songs. 

Do you also have face painter, piñata, caricaturist, bouncy castles, table and chairs and etc...

Click here for a list of top quality artist and suppliers you can engage directly. Is more cost efficient and easier to get everything settled. I have stopped becoming a 'agent' or so called everything under one roof event company. It does not work in this era, everything can be found from google. The only problem is which one is good when you are no expertise in this area? most will get a event company, but do they really provide you the best quality entertainers and products or do they get the cheapest for you to have a better profit margin? If you still want convenient, i can still help you with it for a small mark up of the actual fee.



Do we need to prepare anything for you? 

Nothing at all, i will have all necessary equipments with me even the table and sound system.


Will the adults involve with the games too?

Many times the adults do play together, some of the games need the children to get things from their parents and adult too. Its a family entertainment.


Do you provide party decoration?

Click here for a list of top quality suppliers. You can discuss your ideal decoration with them.

Do you provide food too?

No, caterer services are easily available.


What type of food should i prepare?

This depends on your culture and practice. Its really up to you, from home-made finger food, catering services to restaurants 10 course meal... 


Do you provide party bags (goodies bag or return gift)?

No, is personal and i don't know what you want to give out to your guests. 


Do you have anyone to recommend if you are not available to host our party?

No. I used to 'pass the show to other entertainer' and too often clients call me back that they still prefer mine. So I do not pass shows anymore. Read the next question on how to choose a entertainer.


How to choose a entertainer for our party?

Some common sense will help you up, if they are able to pick up your enquiry calls on weekends and holidays, do you think they have job to do? Ask around is the best advice i can give, ask your friends who always plan party for their kids, ask the school teacher, ask forum....



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