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Aaron is a full time performing magician, magic teacher and children magic consultant based in Singapore. His stage character "Funny Baby" for children shows was created in 2003 and took the Singapore party scene by storm! His energetic and interactive style with the children has set him far apart from many performers.

Aaron's journey in magic has been a successful one. While he practices all forms of magic, he specialises in children magic. As of 2013, Aaron has close to 20 years' of performing experience, more than 6,000 shows, and has been featured prominently on TV, magazines and newspapers. Aaron has also provided professional advice as a consultant to several professional magicians, restaurants and other children related businesses. His clientele includes families, organisations, as well as premium performances for celebrities, ministers, and prestigious hotels

Aaron’s passion in magic started off as a hobby since he was 7, and he had his first paid performance when he was 15 years old. Since then, Aaron’s popularity as an entertainer has increased rapidly. Aaron performs various magic acts in stage and close-up formats (also known as street magic), and customizes shows for commercial products, children parties and many more...

Aaron founded Party Impact Pte Ltd in 2003, an event company specializing in children and family entertainment, when he was 22 years old. He was recognised as one of Singapore’s leading businessmen with two awards - "Spirit Of Enterprise 2008" and "Successful Entrepreneur 2010". Party Impact Pte Ltd now operates under Jellyfish Group, which Aaron Founded in 2013


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