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Singapore's best children magic show - Funny Baby Magic Show. Featured on TV, Newspaper and Magazines! The show is performed by Aaron Leong, who has almost 20 years' of experiences and more than 6,000 successful shows!

Perfect for family and children entertainment.

Birthday party packages available too.


Learn magic tricks on my Youtube channel by clicking here


Parent's choice children birthday party magician! Family and Children Friendly Show, No dangerous stunt, No mess, No child abuse!


Packages specially cater for children birthday party! Magic, Puppet, Games and Balloons.


Make your child's birthday party a Fun and Memorable party ever!






Aaron is a full time performing magician, magic teacher and children magic consultant based in Singapore. His stage character "Funny Baby" for children shows was created in 2003 and took the Singapore party scene by storm! His energetic and interactive style with the children has set him far apart from many performers.
Aaron's journey in magic has been a successful one. While he practices all forms of magic, he specialises in children magic. As of 2014, Aaron has close to 20 years' of performing experience, more than 6,000 shows, and has been featured prominently on TV, magazines and newspapers. Aaron has also provided professional advice as a consultant to several professional magicians, restaurants and other children related businesses. His clientele includes families, organisations, as well as premium performances for celebrities, ministers, and prestigious hotels
Aaron’s passion in magic started off as a hobby since he was 7, and he had his first paid performance when he was 15 years old. Since then, Aaron’s popularity as an entertainer has increased rapidly. Aaron performs various magic acts in stage and close-up formats (also known as street magic), and customizes shows for commercial products, children parties and many more...
Aaron founded Party Impact Pte Ltd in 2003, an event company specializing in children and family entertainment, when he was 22 years old. He was recognised as one of Singapore’s leading businessmen with two awards - "Spirit Of Enterprise 2008" and "Successful Entrepreneur 2010". Party Impact Pte Ltd now operates under Jellyfish Group, which Aaron Founded in 2013

Since 1995

Call / Text : +65 9742 6273



The Funny Baby Magic Show is Singapore’s most prominent children magic show, and is highly recommended by parents, children and online forums. This show also comes highly recommended by fellow magicians.
The show is built on 18 years of experience and more than 6,000 tested and proven experiences. The Funny Baby Magic Show has had countless positive reviews from parents, and had been featured on TV, newspapers, and magazines!
The man behind the show, Aaron Leong, has also been a consultant for several professional children entertainers and businesses

Who has watched and engaged Funny Baby Magic Show?

The Funny Baby Magic show has been performed over 6,000 times, and loved by hundreds of thousands! Some examples include:

Funny Baby had performed for one of Singapore’s most famous magicians, Priscilla Khong (Magic of Lawrence and Priscilla) for her child's party, and has also been invited to perform at the birthday parties of many other magicians’ children. Funny Baby is the magicians’ choice!
Luxury Hotels
Funny Baby is regularly invited to perform at hotels such as The Ritz - Carlton, The Fullerton Hotel, Shangri-La Hotels and many other of Singapore’s premiere hotels. The Funny Baby Magic Show has wowed many of the hotels’ guests at parties and annual Christmas or New Year’s bashes, and Funny Baby is consistently invited to come back the next year!
Funny Baby has made many appearance at corporate and staff events for companies like F&N Coca-Cola, Bloomberg, Bread Talk, Singtel, Daimler, FairPrice, Genting International, Bulgari, and the list goes on...
Embassies / Clubs / Schools
Funny Baby has also performed at many educational, private or diplomatic institutions, such as the Embassy of Sweden, Belgian Luxembourg Association, Swiss Club, Hollandse School, Porsche Club, The Tanglin Club and many more...

Give your child the gift of laughter!

Your child's birthday is once a year, so make their party a lifetime memorable one! No one makes children birthday party so much fun like Mr Funny Baby!

Can you imagine not having sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, not having read The Three Little Pigs? Though they are children's songs and stories, our lives are enriched by experiencing them. Funny Baby Magic Show is the same.

     Watch Demo Video

Birthday Party Packages

Standard Package - Duration 60mins

Funny Baby Magic Show (includes magic, balloon and ventriloquist puppet act)

Balloon Sculpting For all kids

Host Cake Cutting Ceremony

Invest in Standard Package at $350 to make your child's birthday a Fun and Memorable one!


Deluxe Package - Duration 60mins

Funny Baby Magic Show (includes magic, balloon and ventriloquist puppet act)

Party Games With Prizes For All Kids

Host Cake Cutting Ceremony

Invest in Deluxe Package at $400 to make your child's birthday a Fun and Memorable one!

Premium Package - Duration 90mins

Funny Baby Magic Show (includes magic, balloon and ventriloquist puppet act)

Balloon Sculpting For all kids

Party Games With Prizes For All Kids

Host Cake Cutting Ceremony

Invest in Deluxe Package at $500 to make your child's birthday a Fun and Memorable one!

Birthday Party Booking Form

  • Submitting the form below indicate your intention of confirming the party package.
  • Submitting the form below does not guaranteed a confrimation. Performer availabilty is base upon receiving form and will reply with confirmation if is available.
  • All prices stated are in Singapore currency.
  • All prices stated are final. No GST, delivery or whatsoever.
  • Payment will be by cash or cheque to "Jellyfish Group" on the day after the party.
  • Under "SHOW TIME" - Please allow 30-60mins for your guests to arrive, if guest invitation time is 12pm, strongly recommended show time is 1pm. In event the guests are late, waiting time might not be possible depending on schedule of the day.
  • Cancellation - 20% of the total bill upon confirmation. 50% of the total bill if cancellation within 14 days to party.
  • Postponement - subject to availability. If is not possible to arrange a time and/or date, it will regards as cancellation and cancellation policy will impose.
  • All party packages are meant for 30 kids. More than 30 kids? Please leave a remarks and we can discuss a possible arrangement.
  • Feel free to call me at 9742 6273 or email

This is a BOOKING FORM, for enquiry please use another form at the bottom of the site.

What's so special about the show?

Funny Baby understands the behavior and psychology of children, and builds the show specially for them. He has an amazing rapport with kids, and is like a magnet that draws the children to him. The children just love him! The Funny Baby Magic Show is not the usual “sit down, applaud and passively watch” type of show. Children love interaction, excitement, energy and fun, and they will love the Funny Baby Magic Show!
The duration of the show is 30mins with magic, balloon sculpting and a ventriloquist puppet act. The comedy  in the show is appropriate for all ages and there are no dangerous stunts! It’s perfect for children and family entertainment, and children and adults alike will be thoroughly entertained.

Family & Children Friendly Show

NO Dangerous Stunts
There's no sword swallowing, knife through hands, fire eating etc. Children see, children do…

NO Playing Cards
No card tricks and displaying of playing cards.

NO Confetti NO Mess
I will leave your place the same as when I arrived.

NO Animals
First, the rabbit or dove is going to be squeezed in the box before they appear and I am an animal lover. Second, if having animals in the show is so important, why pay this much when you can visit the zoo cheaper? Third, some guests might have animal allergies. And the list goes on and on.

I respect and love the kids like my own. I don't insult them to bring laughter!


Performance Fees

Funny Baby Magic Show is $400/- (Singapore Currency) for public and commercial entertainment.
Birthday Party Packages for family see below.

Please email or ring me for reseller, event company, agent, charity organisation and community events price.

Call / Text : +65 9742 6273




The greatest rewards in my carrer are knowing the children had a successful party with me and i have made them a childhood memories that remembered for a lifetime...

A million thanks to you for making Emmanuelle’s birthday a special one and so much fun!!!  Even the parents themselves approached me to say they utterly enjoyed themselves.I agreed with  them absolutely.

Initially, I was a bit concerned about how my daughter would behave as she was quite shy…we had altogether three special-needs kids in the party watching you (you may not have spotted them) but all three turned out fine in your show and games, simply because you are not only ‘funny’, but sensitive and gentle enough that they do not feel threatened or  stressed out. BRAVO to you for the fantastic job!! Bringing so much laughter into our party!

- Alexandra, Emmanuelle and Friends

Thank you for making Vinny's party a FUN & unforgetable event!!!

Vinny cannot stop talking about how funny Mr Funny is!!!  She told me at the end of her party on Sun, to engage Mr Funny again. I asked her for what event? She told me: JUST FIND ONE, Mommy!!! Hahaha...

She and her friends(who attended the party) keep on talking about you during classes. And, the whole lot of them got punished!! Those who cannot make it to her party, were so sad! Especially, when those who came, keep on talking about how fun the party was, in front of them!!! Hahaha....

Vinny added that her friends "begged" her to invite them to her party with Mr Funny again!!!

My husband and i thank you for giving Vinny an unforgetable birthday! We will definitely get you to our party again!!!

- Kelvin & Caroline

“We have seen many and you are still the best"

"My children still remember you after 7 years"

"A BIG Thank You for a Super Entertainment"

"All the kids enjoyed tremendously!!!"

"I can't imagine any other professional doing it better than you"

"We are impressed!!! You are very professional"

"This is the 6th time we are having you back"

"We just wanted to say a very BIG THANK YOU to you for making Alyssa's 7th birthday party so special!!!  All her friends and parents who were at the party couldn't stop raving about you!!  I was happily handing out your namecards to these parents after the party was over and you will no doubt be hearing from them very soon!

You have an amazing gift and a natural ability in connecting with children and engaging them from start to finish - you had all of the kids in stitches within 5 minutes of your first appearance and even the adults had a really great time laughing at your tricks and jokes!  You're certainly worth your weight in gold and we're just so happy we managed to have you host Alyssa's 7th birthday party - she has had a birthday party every year since she was 3 yrs of age but you're without doubt, the best entertainer she has had (don't even take our word for it, Alyssa said so herself!!!)

So thank you once again Aaron for doing such a great job at the party!   All the best and may you continue to bring tonnes of joy and laughter to many other children in the months to come!  See you at Alyssa's 8th birthday party a year from now!"

- Alyssa, David & Kelly

"Many thanks for your fantastic performance yesterday. You made 32 little girls extremely delighted and they had memorable party
As one commented, one of the funniest and best party they have attended!!"

- Christina Khoo

"Just a note to let you know how much the children and the adults enjoyed your show at Alethea's party last Sunday. You really had the kids captivated and your magic tricks had a nice twist to them which made them different from what we've seen in the past. Thank you once again for a job well done! You certainly were the life of the party!"​

- Mrs Ling

"Thank you very much for the very nice show yesterday at Catharina's birthday,....You really enchanted the all children, they really had a big fun....So, I can't imagined other professional doing better then you...Congratulations for your excelent performance...."

- Ana Schoch

"We want to say a BIG thank you to for making a wonderful day for Isaac's Birthday. All the kids were having so much fun on that day and in the night I still received SMS from the parents telling me their kids enjoy the party with your performance very much."

- Angeline Low


"I am writing to convey my heartfelt thanks to you for having made my kids birthday a memorable one and it will be for a long while. I have received calls from some parents of the children and has received many wonderful feedback from them.

The kids cant stop talking about you and the tricks you had for them. It was amazing.Teachers were very impressed with your patience and it was very entertaining for them tooYou know, 'Funny Baby' will definite be in my mind for future parties. I will keep in touch with you."

- Anita

"Thanks for the great party hosted for Gerald's birthday!  I hardly hear good comments from my friends that the entertainer is really good (I'm been doing few parties for past years)........this round, many came up to me and said how I managed to find such a good and motivating entertainer heehee :)"

- Grace Lim


"Your performance at my daughter's first birthday party was a great success. You captured the attention of the kids as well as the adults. The adults too, were laughing at your jokes and enjoyed your performance tremendously.

As for my husband and myself, we could not think of a better way than celebrating our second daughter's birthday party with you. We were very impressed the very first time you performed in my elder daughter's party in 2005. That's why we wanted you again. Aaron, thank you so much for making my daughther's party a memorable one for her as well as for all the guests."

- Mr & Mrs Sudhakar

"Aaron thanks for a wonderful show . You sure were a big hit and the highlight of the party . My son said the best thing about the party was "you" as you were so funny and made everyone laugh"

- Radhika Pandav

"I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job at Breanna and Carissa's birthday party on 27 Oct.  It was a wonderful experience for all present, young and old!  The girls couldn't stop talking about your show for a few days after the party!  And they've decided that they want you again at their birthday party next year.

I am still floored with amazement at how you managed to entertain the group of young children from 2 to 7 years old.  The children were practically roaring with laughter!  And at least 1 other child has requested her parents for "Funny Baby" at her birthday party.  It was my first party with an entertainer and I'm definitely sold on the hassle-free convenience and fantastic results."

- Serena

"I am writing to congratulate you once agin for a job well done! The Children's Day Party was never the same with your fun filled activities and jokes. And also not forgetting Smelly! The children still raved about the GREAT PARTY they had and you have really impacted them.Thank you for making it a wonderful day for all, including the young and old. We will definitely engage your service again when we want to inject funs and laughters to our party."

- Ms Wan Cheng


Get in touch with the following ways, I am unable to answer your call if i am performing or conducting classes. Especially during weekends and holidays. Please text (sms) or email me and i will get back to you soonest.

Phone / Text:

(+65) 9742 6273


My Mail Box 883044 Singapore 919191
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